Health and sexual benefits

If fitness is important to you, think about the important role sexual muscles play in what is the most rewarding aspect of life. 

Originally, exercise with jade eggs was created to improve a woman’s personal health both physically and spiritually, since the exercises concentrate on the area of the body believed to contain the creation energy or Chi. 

The process lifts sexual energy inward and upward where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy. 

You will learn to gain expertise over your vagina, stimulating your partner's penis as well as experiencing deep pleasure yourself.

Women who practiced these esteemed techniques experienced very good physical health, with their sexual organs as resilient as those of a young woman, able to live long and tonic lives.

Healing and improvement in the strength and tightness of the vaginal muscle can even restore the virginal health of a woman who has undergone stretching from childbirth or natural aging.


Strong sexual organs prevent many debilitating post-pregnancy problems, assuring easy childbirth, recovery, and healing including incontinence issues for all ages.



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