Exercising with the jade eggs will be the biggest step you take towards experiencing a new level of well-being.

 By simply using each egg in the way that you feel comfortable, you will strengthen the vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles, and work out many involuntary muscles.   Learn to manipulate two eggs against each other to create an exciting vibration while exercising!
   The eggs are predrilled so  you can attach a cord (silk cord, unscented dental floss... ) to other eggs or to extra weights and try vaginal weightlifting.  Beginners can use the cord to help  retrieve the egg easily.

 The eggs range in size and weight, from the largest eggs for the beginner, to the smallest eggs and most difficult to manipulate, for the expert. 

  The Jade Eggs come in three sets for different levels of virtuosity and to meet individual preference. 


  This luminous stone is highly valued in the ancient Chinese culture in which jade eggs were the tool chosen by the Empress herself to maintain her longevity and sexual virtuosity.    

The Jade Eggs may  be boiled to sterilize them or just rinsed after use to maintain their cleanliness.  The smoothed to perfection surfaces will be a glistening proof of hygiene. 

Gemstone quality jade would cost a demi-fortune, so in order to offer the best quality product at a reasonable price, we elected "Nephrite Jade". 

This opulent semi-precious stone, of the Nephrite family, is known for having the highly esteemed qualities of jade.  
See for yourself, if you're unsatisfied, we have a  60 day money back guarantee.

The secret within is yours to be discovered! 


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