Our Jade Eggs as featured on the Rachel Ray Show - "Sex After Fifty" - with Dr. Christine Northrup !!

the sex you
have always wanted and didn't know how to achieve can be yours to share. 

Practice with the Jade Eggs in a thorough exercise program will increase elasticity and blood flow to the vaginal muscles, awakening sexual sensitivity not only in your vagina but also in surrounding genital areas. 

This will lead you to heightened awareness of clitoral-vaginal sensations and may lead you to experiencing multiple vaginal orgasms even for the first time, at any age! 
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The secrets of better sex can be yours NOW !

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The full story :
“Our daily passionate love making had faded to once a week and after our third child to once a month. Our vitality was gone. My beloved husband felt that his penis had become smaller and I knew that I was stretched too large for him.

The Jade Eggs will intensify the excitement
of sex
for you and your partner.  

Great consideration and care has been put into designing the Jade Eggs.
They are polished to a poreless,hygienic surface to supply the  perfect medium for the purest exercise experience.

The eggs glide easily and comfortably into your vagina, and take on your body temperature almost immediately.  The simplicity of this tool is part of its perfection.  Visit our product page

Arousal for either of us was difficult, even the latest toys and medications did not help. Then a girl friend told me of her experience with the Jade Eggs. Privately, at first, I found that I had to lie down or the egg would just fall out.
Yet after only three days, 15 minutes a day, just attempting to do the exercises with the cord, I was so surprised that I could already hold the big egg while standing up. A few days later I could walk around all day long with the medium egg and then by the end of the week I was delighted all day with both the small and medium egg...


Jade Eggs are a tool, used properly you might start to feel the benefits within 3 weeks.
If not, ask us for a full refund within 60 days.

Your satisfaction is our warranty


The Original Jade Eggs™ since 1999. Sold in over 60 countries including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North korea and many more...

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For the debutante,  this set  will teach you the essential  skills needed to tone and tighten your love muscles.


Different sizes and weights  enable you to practice varied techniques for a fuller understanding and mastery.


 This entire box will ensure the fullest experience for the dedicated practitioner on her way to expertise.


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